About LA AlterLAtina


Live and love in LA! I created this blog to keep the art of LA Vida AlterLAtina alive in my little corner of LA! As a self-proclaimed vintage rockera, I love all things alterLAtina. Alternative in LA. Get it?? Ha! This includes concerts, art shows, fashion, cuisine, cultural events, pasando tiempo con mi gente, music, artists, literature.  I may throw in some recipes for empanadas or salbutes every now and then, and if you don’t know what those are, then you are clearly missing out on life. I’m not just limiting my posts or articles to all things LA. Remember that “Beyond” tagline on my title page?  That’s my transcendental self floating to other dimensions of the world where LA vida alterLAtina also exists. Yeah, I’m into trippy spiritual stuff, too. LA, other worlds, other LAnds.


Author Bio:

I fancy myself the J. Lo of the writing world, dabbling in blogging, poetry, short stories, and a novel, but prefer not to call myself “a triple threat,” as it sounds violent and slightly egotistical. When I am not rock-n-roleando to música alternativa, I can be found editing my first novel (there’s no proposal yet, but my novel likes to think it’s single & sassy), engrossed with reading and writing words on screen, marrying meats with spices, stargazing (or UFO observing, depending on the location), watching cult films and the last half-hour of B-horror movies, finding foster plants for spiders, and applying literary theory to old-school telenovelas in my mind.


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